Japanese Inro Pendant
Patty’s Pike
Fine Silver, Gold, Ruby & Garnets
Lake Bloom Earrings and Pendant. Fine  Silver on Ceramics
Fish  Eggs Ring
Fine Silver, Faceted & large cab Blue Sapphire Stones
“Zeffers Moon”
Hollow Form Necklace
Fine Silver, cats eye, hematite, sterling silver, glass beads
Resurrection of Brooks
Award:  Special Achievement 
Japanese Award Presented by  Aida Chemical industries

This is a full size mask of Brook'smade with ceramics and fine silver.
Fine Silver with Fused Dichroic glass cabochon necklace.
The braclete was commissioned by George’s Mom Christine Parlett.  Previous  thumbnail George wearing the braclet
Meet “George”
The braclete was commissioned by George’s Mom Christine Parlett.  Next  thumbnail is a close-up of the braklet
“Emily In Echinacea”

This is a full size life mask of Emily made from stonewear with fine silver flowers.
“In Waves I am Violet”
Prayer Necklace Series.  Each piece of silver is blessed with a prayer.
Full Bllom Life Mask

This is a full size life mask of Trish made from stoneware.
“Quantum Paradigm Shift of the Solar Plexus”
Hand built stoneware hollow form.  
Approx. 3’ X 22”
“High Brow”
This ceramic mask piece is to remind me that it’s important to stay humble as an artist.  To create for Self not for outside approval.
“Mid Summer Nights Dream”
Ceramic Bisque bead with fine silver embellishment, dichroic glass, beaded bail, kumihimo cord & hand made clasp.
Mermaids Prayers
FS with prayer & lamp worked beads

Pewter castings by Green Girl Studios
Rings & Things
Rings in various stages of finishing
Fine Silver with Fused Dichroic glass necklace.
Spiral Goddess
Beaded Barrett
Snowflake Obsidian, Peridot
Various pices of fused glass in the kiln
Artichoke Hair Ornament
Fine Silver & Carved Bone
My work is more than just expressing my own uniqueness; it’s about helping others grow through the creative process. I am honored to be a teacher that inspires others to find their own doors of creativity.  When I teach I also learn, and my giving becomes receiving through inspiration from my students. Nothing compares to the look on a student’s face when they realize that through artistic expression, they have unlocked their own hidden door to creativity.

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This is a small sampling of Trish's work.  We are always trying to add more of Trish's art work.  Come back soon and enjoy more!!
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