• Over 25 years Teaching & Community Service Experience

  • Mental Health degree, specializing in group dynamics & working with a diversity of special needs.

  • Certified in PMC, Senior Instructor with Art Clay.

  • Taught OVER 800 students in Silver/Metal Clay since began teaching the medium in 2001

  • Continuously training with Master Instructors in multi mediums

  • Award Winning Work that has been published & Internationally Exhibited

  • Teaches Nationally

  • 2,000 Sq feet of Studio Space {yes, I’ve taken over the whole house}
Trish A. Jeffers-Zeh
Artist & Teacher
Unlocking Hidden Doors of Creativity
Creating artwork isn’t about production for me. It’s about movement and growth, mentally, spiritually, and personally.  My focus is the entire process.    

     My Post play-doh days had brought me to the world of porcelain at age 11.  This addiction to the medium of clay has grown to lead me on a path from poured ceramics, hand-building, sculpting & now to the metal clays.  While attending college I worked as a lab assistant in the Ceramic-Sculpture Studio. I continued working there after Graduating with a degree in Mental Health.  I fell in love with the chemistry of mixing glazes, experimenting with process, and artistic expression. I was actively involved in student exhibitions. All of this inspired collaborative shows with other artists. My dedication finally led me to create a one-woman show called “Quasi Growth”, coupling my sculptural expressions into a religiously cultural based theme.

     Presently my work has been focused on jewelry & wearable art.  Blending mystical forms, function, design & organic fluidity.  I am attracted to a multi-cultural & Spiritual marriage of symbolism to invoke imagery of inspiration & hope.  Art that facilitates growth, mentally & spiritually while depicting the journey through life.  My creations are an embodiment of organic form & inspiration from nature.  Silver clay is the medium I found that could combine all my passions with glass, ceramics, metals, & precious stones.

     For nearly twenty years I have been offering workshops for expanding creative energy and fellowship.  With my free lance capabilities, I have been able to carve out a name for myself through layout, design and networking. Continually expanding my skills and knowledge is important. Gleaning from Master teachers in silver clay, glass, metals, lapidary, sculpture and other mediums have given me many tools to work with. Silver clay is a bridge to all the mediums that I have explored over the years.
Accessories For Grace
The Early Years: teaching, making herbal medicines and creating wreathes and garlands
Workshops for Expanding Creative Energy & Fellowship
Artist Trish A. Jeffers-Zeh
Handcrafted Art & Jewery Designed To Be Accessories For Grace
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